Sunday, October 26, 2008

Over the Weather

As I am no longer "under the weather" I have climbed out of my coccoon on the couch, the one made of Afghanistan and a tumble of used tissues and cats. I am feeling better and it's time to get on with things.

I have been very very bad about knitting this past week. Last week, I busted out a side project (true, it was a very small scale project) and finished Sock #1 of the esteemed Pair O'Sox. Then I lie dormant whilst not working, watching TV of the likes that would destroy brain cell after brain cell. Enough!

I proclaim this week as follows:
Great Week of Creative Pursuits

That's right, here in Knitsburgh there will be a cultural revolution of sorts, a junction and grand fusion of artistic efforst so stupendous, it will earn it's own place in Knitsburgh History. Hold on to your hats!

Speaking of hats, I did buy not one, but two hats, this weekend. The first is my Irish hat, purchased with a gift certificate left from a return following Yule of last year. The second is my 100% green organic cotton cap found on sale at Anthropologie, in cranberry. How very exciting indeed, I don't think I have ever purchased two caps in the span of two days in my entire life. They are seen posing with the Trick or Treat ammo: that's 2 bags of 75-count Reese's PB cups and Kitkats, 2 bags totaling 7 lbs. of Tootsie Roll/Dots/Tootsie Pop assortmant and 3 bags of fun size 100 Grand bars. Last year we ran out and had to turn off the porch light. Nature Boy has already started the rationing: we start with the cheap candy and give one piece per goblin, no more! Seems he blames me for giving out too many candy bars at the start of the game last year. If you saw the stairs the goblins must climb up to even get a little something, you'd feel bad too!
Finally, I will leave you with my lastest creative pursuits from last week. Here are pics of a bath cloth and some geranium mint soap I made, as well as some bookmarks as part of the Vegan for All Seasons swap I participated in. The enitre package is featured last, with some yummy yarn.

It was really a lot of fun getting everything together and shopping for yarn. It's also nice to kinda get to know someone from a different corner of the country too. Well, I'm off to get all creative and stuff....'night!