Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Dias De Los Muertos!

I received my package yesterday from my Raverly Vegan for All Seasons pal, Emily:
We have two beautiful skeins of what looks to be cotton hand-dyed yarn, as well as two skeins of a soy/bamboo blend. A soy candle (almond scent), two bars of handcrafted soap (they smell wonderful), a beautiful autumn acorn card, a box of seeds and some yummy mandarin orange lip balm were also in the box. Last but not least, some maple sugar candies from Marquard's Tree Farm. This girl was spoiled indeed--thanks Emily, your a great swap bud! Even the scents of the soaps are the kinds I would pick out for myself.

So the Week of Creative Pursuits has sadly not yielded as much as expected. With Samhain and trick or treat mayhem and my working what should total about 51 hours this week, my time at home has been spent lying on the couch napping. I did clean the estate before going in to work on Thursday (worked 3pm-8pm that day) so that yesterday was truly a "day off." What did I do, you ask?


Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting from:
This was so I did not feel left out with all the non-vegan Halloween offerings hanging around for goblins. I do say, they taste just like the most divine non-vegan cupcakes I've ever eaten and I don't miss the crappy animal-product infused candy that everyone seems to love so much one little bit.

We gave out tons of that candy by the way--it only cost a small fortune, I don't know where all these kids come from! I leave you with my favorite quotes:

ME: Ooh, nice wand, can you work some magick for me with it?
LITTLE GIRL WITH WAND: No silly--it's not real!

LITTLE BOY (as he pulls something out of his pillowcase): Hey, is this dental floss?
NATURE BOY: I don't know... Happy Halloween (as he shoves two candy bars at Little Boy).

Here's a link about Dias de los Muertos.

Here's one for Samhain.


Laura said...

Yum... the cupcakes look delicious! :-)

Patricia said...

Thanks! It's taken me some practice with the pastry tube to make them look as good as I think they taste...well, almost.