Wednesday, November 19, 2008


2ND Sock is draining my creative force from me, but she lives.

I have set a new deadline--she must be finished by Sunday. That gives me plenty of time to complete her and embark on new, exciting creative journeys. I will surely keep you posted as to whether Ms. Knitsburgh meets this challenge.

This week has been odd at best. Random thoughts popping into my head, then weird coincidences happening. If I were smart, I'd write these all down but I will probably think on them for a bit and then release them when my brain needs more space for other more mundane things, such as the grocery list or the due date for my library books. It's been a week of some change, letting go of some negativity that has probably been around in my life much too long. It feels good, feels freeing.

It snowed off and on yesterday and I had to take my trusty steed, Blue Molly, in for some repair work. Her engine light had come on over the weekend. She is nearing 100,000 miles, that great milestone and I hope to have her for at least 100,000 more! I hope she feels better now. And great news, her windshield wipers have rubber on them and actually work now!

I've seen quite a few characters at the bird feeder already. Three squirrels were there today, including the one who just climbs up the tree, uses a slender branch to bend him over and hops right into the feeder. He lies down in there and eats like a fat Roman emperor. I've also seen a pair of cardinals, a pair of blue jays, the flock of sparrows and my favorite, a pair of chickadees. There also is a rabbit who likes to hang out in my flower garden now. Unfortunately no pics of these because they all flee when I come outside to take their photos.

Here is Izzy, watching the snow and the birds yesterday:
Here is Madison, warming her belly on top of the radiator--they REALLY like the radiator covers Nature Boy made now!

Here is a homemade vegan peanut butter cup I made a few nights ago--they are really yummy!


affectioknit said...

We have snow too - of course - post the recipe for the PB cups...

Zeeppo said...

Nice Sock

Patricia said...

Thanks for the sock praise!