Monday, November 03, 2008

I can't wait to vote tomorrow! I plan to get up early to make sure I can do so as I work a dreaded 8AM-close shift, meaning I probably won't be leaving work til well past the polls are closed (yeah, it's at least a 12 hour shift, usually more like 13). This will be the first time I wasn't going after work to the polls. I will miss the excitement of getting to the polls last minute, voting, then feeling like bam, my vote changed some last minute stats for the state I was voting in. Even if it really didn't. Going in the morning makes me feel like I don't get to hide my trump card, I'm laying it all out there way too early.

I have voted in three states--Colorado, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

I seem to have trouble when voting and invariably have to get to a different polling place last minute and worry I may not get to vote. This has happed in both Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

In Colorado, I volunteered for a group called Political Voice for Animals. They would publish a very nice chart regarding all the national and local candidates and how they voted when it came to animal rights. I would saunter up to the voting machine with my checklist and make sure those bastards who cared less about animals didn't get a vote from me! On that note, I still love you, Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, for all the good you did for animals!

A child brought a door hanger to us this evening from one of the presidential candidates. A CHILD??!!??

I hope to be hunkering down tomorrow night on El Coucho, watching all the television coverage with crossed fingers and great hope.

Whatever your belief or cause of slant, I have only one thing to say :
Happy voting to all you fellow Americans out there!