Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Good Life!

Where do I even start? How do I speak of all the wonderful things that have happened lately? I'll do it chronologically from last week...

Last Monday (Memorial Day) I made this vegan cake:

It was yummy and I was smart enough to freeze half of it, for the "Wee One Afterparty" --meaning for when we come home from the birth center and have Bill and Kay here and need to eat something good and fast!!

Wednesday, my lovely, sweet, kind, thoughtful, giving and just awesome co-workers suprised me with a bag of Wee One fun! There were clothes, in organic cotton. There was organic vegan baby shampoo and diaper cream. And there were two books for the Wee One's library. Let me say I only worked with them about 6 months and was blown away that they got me anything, much less hit the nail on the head as to what Nature Boy and I love. I can't say thank you enough!

Then Thursday, oh my! More co-worker suprises! A homeade chocolate vegan cake, balloons and a homemade card for my last day. I left work that day very excited to start this new journey into "Stay at Home Mom-ville" but sad about leaving such good people behind. I got home and Nature Boy and I ate, then rushed off to our last birthing class, where we graduated. Now if labor would just start....

Friday!!! Friday was my first official not-going-to-work day. I made a list of things to do because I felt so overwhelmed when I woke. I did some cleaning and organizing. When I came down after my shower, there was a package at my doorstep--here's what was in it:

A beautiful hand-knit sweater and the cutest darn hand-knit bunny hat you ever saw!!! How fitting that there should also be books in this package; it came from my dear friend Reilly, the librarian! I can't wait til we can dress the Wee One in all the Wee One finery and ooh and ahh over the absolute sweetness. Reilly, thank you so much, all the gifts will be treasured indeed!

The weekend came and went in a blur. I finished a needlework project, then hung it on the wall in the nursery:

I made another pair of pants, this time from a Pittsburgh Pirate's t-shirt:

I made a bag for the ENORMOUS pile of blocks Nature Boy has made for the Wee One. I think I need a rope for the tie, only had very thin hemp or ribbon around the estate, will need to replace it:
We watched some Penguins hockey and hoped the next game would be better....we took a nap, we weeded, we grilled some yummy food and ate. We got to the store for some last-minute things. We packed the Wee One's diaper bag and clothes. I made some vegan cookies. That was the weekend with Nature Boy.

So yesterday, another Monday. Another list, with errands checked off. Managed to get a package out to a friend overseas. Sterlized bottles and breast pump equipment (oh my....). Stocked up on my favorite incense to take with me to the birthing center. Another midwife appointment.

And today? Cleaned the first floor of the estate (I'm too tired to do the full house like I normally do). Baked a vegan poundcake for strawberry shortcakes tonight. Laundry. Selected some music to take with us to the birthing center. I think I am ready. I think these will be the longest days of my life!!! I guess I can get back to knitting on the Nursing Wrap soon...until I think of something else that needs to be done before the big arrival...


Reilly! said...

You are oh so most welcome Friend! I hope Wee One's birth is wonderful, your labor amazing, and your cake delicious!

Patricia said...

Thanks for everything Reilly! Miss you!

Laura said...

This sounds like a wonderful time and wonderful things to do as you wait for Wee One's arrival. When is the lovely due?

Patricia said...

Due on the 17th so still a bit early...but going crazy with anticipation!!!