Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I finished a knit really, I did!!!

It's finally finished-behold, I bring you Nursing Wrap:

I finished her yesterday, then washed her up this AM and she's drying on the line in the fresh air. Oh crap, now what to knit next??? I've got about 3 good options so far in my noggen, thanks to Ravelry as always. Now to go look at my stash and ponder what calls to me first.

In other exciting non-knit related type news, more wonderful suprises came to me last week! Nature Boy and I received a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant from a far-away friend to help us escape our kitchen. Then, one of my sissies sent me this:

It's a Sony Webbie camcorder and camera in one. Pretty cool baby gift, huh? It's really small and for goodness sakes, it's orange!!! The Wee One is going to be immersed in orange-ness, aren't they? Orange nursery, orange clothing, orange video camera...I hope they like it; I was immersed in yellow by Kay as a wee one and must say, developed quite the aversion to yellow for it. Don't get me wrong, I like yellow ok, just don't want it on any of the walls in my home, or to drive a yellow car or to wear a lot of yellow. It's nice on lemons and flowers though. Goldfinches and canaries too. Yellow labs and pretty cute. That's in my mind where yellow belongs. So Nature Boy and I have been taping nursery tours for out-of-town family who have yet to see it in person. Until the Wee One gets here, then the taping will probably only feature one little star in this big universe. Can't wait!!!


affectioknit said...

Your shawl is lovely - Love the Orange camera too!

LaurieG said...

Beautiful wrap! Orange is apparently the new yellow!

Laura said...

The shawl is beautiful! What a fabulous gift from your sissy!
Hope you are feeling well.