Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Gamble

Sometimes you need to gamble. You need to win or lose. You need to throw it all to the winds and hope it works.

Sometimes I do it in Vegas. Sometimes I do it in Knitsburgh. Sometimes I do it with money; sometimes I do it with yarn.

Here is the Wee One Yuletyde Stocking (outside and inside):

Holy cow, I'm knitting Fair Isle! And liking it! It's like cross stitch and knitting combined and so far it's working, people, I'm winning the bet!

Not so much winning is the Forest Footfalls Project for You-Know-Who. Would it be wrong to give one sock for a birthday gift? Should I just save it up for a yuletide gift instead and hope to have an actual pair? Oh the disappointment...still working on the first sock!!!

To offset this depressing declaration, I will present the finished Punkin'-

Makes things better already for sure!


Laura said...

that hat is so cute! yay for you on the fair isle knit! I'm too afraid to try it...

Happy Mabon Blessings to you and yours!

Patricia said...

I'm telling you Laura, there is nothing to fear, it really isn't as hard as people make you think it is. I kinda cheated and don't really use left and right hands to hold the yarn, just the right--that's what you get from a thrower! Still very bumbly at continental. Merry Mabon to you as well!!!

affectioknit said...

Adorable punkin hat! And lovely stocking...

Reilly said...

Blessed Mabon to you! May the turning to darkness enfold you with the sweet scent of apples and fallen leaves!

The pumpkin hat is adorable and the stocking looks likes its coming along really well! Once I finished my first stranded project I couldn't get enough!

LaurieG said...

One sock for B-day and one for Yule. Two socks, two gift giving occasions. :) That hat is too cute!