Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whip It!

Beloved DPN #6 of the 2.25mm/size 1 set has left this realm for better projects in the sky. He is survived by his identical siblings, 1,2,3, 4 and 5. He bravely fought through tight cast-ons and impossible K3 tog. Knitsburgh will miss him greatly.

In the spirit of DPN #6, the knit will carry on, and it does.

Here is the Punkin' Hat for the Wee-One-To-Be next door to Knitsburgh:

Here is the Forest Footfall Sock #1; the heel was finally turned and we are ready to get down to business as our deadline is fast approaching if this is to be gifted on a certain someone's birthday. Yikes, and there is still a whole other sock to get through, you say. Don't give up on me yet out there!!!

We've been gathering seeds for next year from the flower beds and harvesting our tomatoes (finally!) and green peppers. It's a miracle the garden survived this year and we really did not tend it much. I also have some daffodil bulbs to plant before the snow starts flying. I guess it's gonna be fall again next week and as sad as I normally am for its arrival, this year for reasons I don't yet understand, I welcome it. I already have my fall wreaths gracing the front and back doors. Once the estate is cleaned, I plan to pull out the rest of the fall decorations for the estate as well.

I think I may need to make the Wee One a Punkin' hat too in celebration of the season. Right after I make his holiday stocking...back to the knit (as whip is cracked in the background).


affectioknit said...

Definitely - Wee One needs a punkin hat...

LaurieG said...

You're kicking butt on the socks! Knitting at Border's at Norman Center (by South Hills Village) this Friday. You can bring Wee One. I need to make one of those punkin hats too...