Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Options are Optional

We like to keep things interesting here at Knitsburgh. Consider the new "kit" for a wrap I recently scored. Once I read the wrap's directions which were enclosed in the bag with the yarn, I had some second thoughts. I like the imagined end result save for two things:
1. The whole thing is basically stockinette stitch, which may become tedious.
2. The whole thing is basically stockinette stitch, which will cause the edges to roll terribly.

I remembered storing a mental pic in my head somewhere, and did some research on Ravelry and found it: THIS WRAP which I spied in a recent Interweave Knits issue.

Hmm...was I already mentally channeling this new wrap with my choice of yarn color (they had light pink, slate blue, oatmeal and pale green options too but I went with the orange)? Or was I still just trying to match the nursery wall? We may never know.

So my new dilemma:
1. Do I knit the stockinette wrap and play it safe but risk death from boredom?
2. Do I knit the more intricate wrap and risk running out of yarn and stabbing myself multiple times with cable needles?
3. Do I make up my own pattern for a wrap and risk a mental breakdown?

I will let you know in the future what I decide. In the meantime I've got my Forest Footfalls Sock #2 (pattern by Laurie) to keep me warm at night whilst I stay up way, way too late watching ice skating and snowboard cross events. So Olympical!


affectioknit said...

Definitely go with the Every Way Wrap - it's awesome!