Monday, February 22, 2010

Vandals Strike Knitsburgh, Leave Craftorium in Shambles

This weekend was wonderful! We managed to break out of the snowdrifts and drift up to the mountains and walk in the woods. It was perfect.

As the weekend ended, things changed.

The Craftorium was vandalized! The suspects? Moths. That's right, some moths apparently have been munching away on some old skeins of wool I had stockpiled PV (pre-vegan). I was heartsick; I had not really used any of the wool out of guilt but thought I would either pass it on to someone someday or use it up to knit things for non-vegan folk. The moths got to it much faster than my needles. As I filled a large garbage bag full with damaged skeins, tears fell out of anger at myself for not giving it away; regret at not knitting faster and more often.

The stuff left is mostly cotton with some acrylics, bamboo, corn, linen, hemp and two skeins of llama that Nature Boy's mother had gifted me two holidays ago. She purchased it from a neighborhood llama farm and I still don't know what I will use if for. Maybe some diaper covers for Wee One? Or a sweater for him? One thing is certain, I won't let it get eaten first.

Anyway, I'm off to search the net for ways to ensure the moths won't come back and ways to make sure they have all been banished from the estate. I think I remember lavender is a good moth repellent and I have some for soap making, so maybe tomorrow I can make some sachets to stick in the yarn baskets. I put one basket that did not have a fabric liner and wasn't as easily cleaned on the porch in the hopes of freezing temps taking care of things, but we haven't dropped to freezing in the past two days. It's just raining and all the snow and icicles on the house are melting. Disappearing slowly. Like my yarn.


Laura said...

oh no! bad moths, very bad moths!
sorry you lost some of your yarn. :(