Thursday, May 13, 2010


We had a visitor! Tracks down the driveway

Closeup of footprints
He or she must have came by while we were sleeping. If you are reading this City Deer, you can come upon the grounds to see us anytime you like but we would love to see you and hope you will visit us before our bedtime. We also have some questions:
  1. What were you doing, running down the driveway?
  2. Where do you sleep, in this city?
  3. Why are your footprints so very cute?
There has also been some slow progress on the Every Way Wrap. After getting this far with one ball of yarn, it's safe to say I will most likely require...wait for it...more yarn. Of course, as that is my way. Wish me luck trying to find more in the same dye lot! The moss stitch and cabling were just begun this week as I was perched on the couch watching The Hills and The City. I know, very educational. Hey, we've been watching America: The Story of Us on the History Channel on Sundays so I think it cancels it out and my brain cells stay the same in the end.

Mother's Day was fabulous indeed, Kay seemed to like all her presents and even wore her flower corsage out to dinner. Dinner was delicious, time with family was priceless. Oh and I didn't even tell you what Nature Boy did! He gave me a rather substantial gift certificate to a local spa that is VEGAN! I have never had a pedicure or massage in my life so I think I will go for those treats. It's hard to pick, but I figure with all the cleaning and diapering a manicure would not last two seconds and a facial wouldn't have the restorative healthy power I envision a massage would.

One last thing. Who has a neighbor that steals a yucca plant then pretends he found it lying in the alley? Even after you tell him you just walked through the alley 30 minutes before and it was not lying in the middle of the alley? Granted we put it behind our garage on the side of the alley but come on, lots of our neighbors put little shrubs and flowers on the side of the road and no one decides they are free to take. I swear, I might go and get that massage today. It is happily back where it should be and I told him if he needs something to just ask first. If he really needed a yucca he could so have it but he was gathering up materials to put through his wood chipper so I think that's where he intended it to go. Maybe that's his hobby, chipping?


affectioknit said...

Wow! We have lots of deer here - that one looks pretty big from the size of that print...

...I hope you see him/her soon...