Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TA-DAAAHHH: Housecoat to....

So onward I forge on the journey to clear out my closet and upcycle anything I do not/cannot wear these days.

I give you this mu mu housecoat in plaid:

She was purchased in May of last year as a "birthing outfit." Back when I wanted something discreet and easy to get on or off and nurse the baby with. I bought not one but TWO of these beauties (one in plain purple, thank you). Let's just say they were not worn in any way during the birth of Wee One. Let's just say even though everyone says modesty goes flying out the window when you are in labor and you believe you will of course be the exception to this rule, you were way wrong.

While we are here, smack on the topic of "Birthing Outfits," let me tell you this one. We had a little class through the birthing center where Wee One was born which prepared us for natural childbirth. It was not Lamaze, it was not all breathing-centered, it was awesome. It was also awesome because one of the expectant mamas, on the first day of this weekly class, stated she already had her "Birthing Outfit" picked out and she described it as "rhinestone encrusted."

Let me also say this; if one plans to have a baby, don't worry about a "Birthing Outfit." Go get a giant t-shirt if you must but no more. You won't want to wear anything nice for about two weeks after you have your baby anyways due to the lochia.

So I have two birthing mu mus I bought in Kmart while I was uber-prego to wear and never really did. Surely there must be something they could become...


Some decent modest jammies to wear when you have company in the house and don't want to wear your ratty sweat-shorts and t-shirt.

First I cut the top and bottom apart after trying it one and pinning where I wanted the bottom of the top to fall. I then cut one inch below this line to allow for hemming under.

Next, I used some jammy pants as a template and cut out four pieces of fabric from the bottom, two for the front of the shorts and two for the back. It was tricky because I wanted to keep the pockets as they were and have them be usable. I also had to make sure I had some extra fabric at the top to make the drawstring channel (extra 1.5 inches).

I pinned the shorts right sides together and sewed. I sewed the outer seams first, then the crotch, then the inseam. I folded down the top of the shorts to sew a channel for a drawstring.

Finally, I took the top in about 1.5 inches on each side, then hemmed. Super-easy and perfect for warm weather sleeping.

The shorts came out a bit longer than I intended due to wanting to keep the bottom ruffle and also include the pockets. If I make another pair from the remaining purple mu mu I might try and make them a little shorter. I would also try and make the top a bit longer and forget about the pockets; I mean, what would I need pockets for while I'm sleeping anyway?

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Laura said...

that is so cute and a super idea! i love seeing the stuff you make.
oh and happy late birthday to wee one!

affectioknit said...

I think those are adorable! I love that you kept the ruffle!

Robin said...

Love it and I would love if you would link this project up over at my blog's Upcycled Awesome linky party -

Patricia said...

Thanks everyone! And Robin, I came over to your link party!

Penny said...

I have loads of 'do not/cannot wear' clothes which I cannot seem to part with. Great idea turning it into jammies.Luv it! Will give it a try.
Thanks for visiting my blog.:)

cseneque said...

I love your jammies, they're pretty dang cute!
And the 'rhinestone incrusted' image really makes me laugh.