Saturday, July 10, 2010


Wee One just had his first birthday a bit ago and I am just getting around to sharing some fun now. We didn't have a big shindig like some folks do; we had a fun BBQ with both sets of grandparents.

I made a Big Cake for the adults and a Little Cake for the Wee. Here is a shot of the Wee Cake (both vegan of course) before-

And after!

He pulled the top layer off the bottom layer and onto his chest and took giant bites from it.

I also made him a little pennant out of newspapers and hemp twine to hang out back. The comics were used for the letters. I don't like to share his name online so the section with his name is not shown.

I didn't get all Martha-Stewart-y on it. No theme, no elaborate invites, just kept it pretty simple. I was kind of sad as the cakes didn't look as pretty as I wanted them to; I messed up on the icing the day before as I was talking to Nature Boy's folks while making it and forgot to add the soymilk. I then added it to the icing which was already whipped, whipped it up some more and it never recovered. I had planned to pipe some simple decorations on but there was no way that icing could be piped! So it was spread and was quite gooey but somehow it did not run off the cakes completely. It tasted fine, thank goodness! The adult cake did not reach it's 4 layer potential so I have another layer in the freezer for another day. With the runny icing, the 4th layer was just sliding off the top, oh my!

How did this year go so very fast? Such a great ride already and this journey is only beginning; I only hope I am able to truly live in each moment and appreciate all the sweet things there are.

Happy Birthday to my big boy!


affectioknit said...

Wishing Wee-One such a happy second year! The cake looks gorgeous and simple! I love the recycled banner too!