Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Easy Wee One Baby Bib Tutorial

I thought bibs were hard to make and had to be edged in dreadful bias tape. Well, turns out they do not have to be either of those things. Made from two pieces of flannel, these bibs are reversible as well as super cute. Here's the specs:

Fabric (I used some flannel, but you could use cotton with some terry towels as the back piece -- or I'm even thinking old soft t-shirts for the back piece).
Dinner plate and drinking glass (to make a pattern).
Pen or pencil
Sewing machine
Pressers (or Velcro but seriously, my Wee One yanks those Velcro-close bibbies off in two seconds flat...)

1. MAKE PATTERN--take a dinner plate and trace around it on paper. Take a glass and position it closer to top of circle than bottom. See picture. Cut out around larger circle and inside the smaller circle. I used an 8.5" plate at first but went up to a 9" plate for my next two bibs. If you are making the bib for a smaller baby, the 8.5" would be fine but for a baby over 6 months I would go with the 9" plate or larger.

2. TRACE AND CUT OUT FABRIC--take your pattern, trace it onto the back of two pieces of fabric and cut them out. I used two different fabrics (both flannel leftover from another project) but again, feel free to use whatever you might have lying around.

3. POSITION AND PIN--take your two bib pieces and place them right sides together; pin around both outer and inner circle edges.

4. CUT FOR NECK OPENING--cut one side through both fabric pieces to make the neck opening. Pin these edges as well.

5. SEW UP--Leaving room to turn the bib right side out, sew along the outer, then around the inner circle in one continuous sew-fest. Remember to back stitch at the beginning and end. You can see where I left my opening to turn along the right side of the bib.

6. TRIM, CLIP CURVES AND TURN--Trim the edges, clip into the curves and turn the bib right side out. I used my pencil (eraser side, please) to help get the part that goes around the back of the neck turned.

7. TOP STITCH--fold the opening left for turning into the bib (if you are super fancy you can press this as well as the entire bib, but obviously I am not as you can see mad wrinkles abound); top stitch along the edge of the entire bib (start around outer circle, then keep stitching along inner circle until you get back to your starting stitches). I tried to place my start and stop position where the presser might hide it.

8. INSTALL PRESSER--Follow the instructions on your presser package to add a presser to the opening of the bib. Or your Velcro if you have a well-behaved baby.

9. BIB YOUR BABY--put on your baby and admire the extreme cuteness. Of both, of course! Or put it on someone else's baby you happen to love.





affectioknit said...

Those are adorable!

Helen said...

I use Bibetta Bibs that are practically superb, especially when your little ones can be quite cheeky and messy. But I think when they get a bit older (and less messy!) I might try this, particularly as I have an old blanket of mine lying around still.

Yycien said...

I'm actually looking for baby gifts, really thankful because I found this blog. These baby bibs are absolutely adorable, I really love it! Thanks for sharing!

Sally said...

Very cute idea! I always love new ideas for gifts to give to expectant mothers.

Patricia said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments and thanks for checking out my silly tutorial!