Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Friend

A new friend is visiting Knitsburgh...

...just in time for a Wee Birthday coming up soon! He is from a knitted gnome pattern from Plain and Joyful Living, with a few tweaks. He has a striped stockinette sweater and eyes, mouth and beard.

Here was the first harvest last week from the estate garden:

Along with some cherry tomatoes growing from the bottom of pots rigged into hanging baskets with some hemp twine. Basic instructions were here; I used whatever materials I happened to have on hand to make them. Basil tops off this one...

Oregano here...along with a couple of resting flies.

After a weekend away visiting family, we are settling back in the daily routine again. Everyone but Blue Molly, my trusty steed, my loyal vehicle. She is in the shop as she is not feeling well. We hope to have her back tomorrow as we miss her but honestly, I would not have used her yet this week. Luckily we pass many local shops on our daily walks, the Wee One and I, so we do most of our errands by foot. Now if the stroller were to break down, we would really be in a panic!

For Solstice this year, I really only harvested some green beans and peas from the garden and spent time out of doors in the sun with the Wee One under a fountain, walking, swinging, playing. We had our home grown veggies for dinner with seitan (me and Wee) and chicken (Nature Boy). In the evening before the sun went down, I worked in the garden, then relaxed on the porch with Nature Boy and a Blue Moon as the sun set. It was a lovely, lovely day. I hope you had the chance to enjoy the sun yesterday too!


Laura said...

i love that gnome! happy solstice blessings to you, Nature Boy and Wee One!

affectioknit said...

CUTE Gnome! Awesome veggies!

Patricia said...

Thanks ladies!