Tuesday, June 29, 2010


With a very big birthday coming up for a very Wee One, I've made a few things for his special day. This guy here and this little ball (although it looks like a lemon shape more than a round shape if you ask me...I'm hoping he won't really notice). I upcycled some of his baby receiving blankets--the best part is they still smell like him when he was so so little.

I made him some bibs too:

I made my own pattern and sewed them up last night. They are reversible as well. I actually did take some pictures during the process and might try and write out a tutorial next.

There are other birthdays to make things for now too. Kay has a birthday the day after Wee One. I made her some earrings (the stone is Unakite):

She is also going to be guessed Origami Wrap.

In her version, the sleeves and body are a little shorter and I hope she can use it on chilly summer evenings. Maybe at the beach for our big trip later in the summer.

I also made another pair of earrings (amethyst)...

...and a second wrap for someone else. I feel good, sitting down, making stuff, getting it done. Sometimes I get stuck and don't make much but these times buoy me up and keep me going. I raise my glass and toast to you, "Until the next Craftfest...may your crafting be fun and your finished crafts usable!"