Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Resting Per Decree?

It's been a while; what has Ms. Knitsburgh been up to, you ask?

First, there was a large batch (37!!!) of pierogies!

Magnets, to be exact here. Both Nature Boy and Kay also assisted with some of the eyes and mouths.

The pierogies were part of a gift bag Nature Boy and I put together for the participants of the the First Annual Anything that Floats Boat Race, held during Old Home Day in Lopez, PA. Of course, this meant three boats had to be built, one for Nature Boy, one for me and one for Wee One.

Nature Boy made all three and I sewed a sail for my catamaran. Which by the way came in first place for the High Stakes Boat Race winning me $18! It was really a fun weekend and we had a great time.

I also made nine bibs for Wee One for a total of 12 reversible flannel bibs that do not stain or come off.

I'm trying to get things back to the usual but something out there is working against me here; maybe the universe is telling me to rest up? We have no water today so no laundry or cleaning will be done. Maybe tomorrow we will be back in the saddle again...


affectioknit said...

The pierogies are so cute! and the boats are gorgeous!

Laura said...

i love the boats! and the pierogies are adorable... congratulations on your boat win! :)

VeganCraftastic said...

Those pierogies are super adorable!