Thursday, February 03, 2011


I am thirsty, hungry and Wee Too is kicking like a champ. I toss and turn, my legs are restless. I sigh and get up to use the bathroom for the second time. Yes, it's 3AM again. And I'm awake. Some nights I'm not up long, other nights I can't get back to sleep and get up for an hour or so. This is one of those.

I've been trying to finish up some projects and cross things off the list before Wee Too gets to Knitsburgh. One of the projects was a new nursing cover. You may remember the nursing cover and nursing wrap I made for Wee One. The nursing cover I used all the time but it seemed a bit skimpy at the sides due to the triangular shape and could use some improvement. The nursing wrap was never really used for nursing in public. Wee One was a babe who liked to pull the nursing covers/wraps/blankets away and unless something was fastened securely around my neck, was a bit risky out there on the streets.

Behold the new nursing cover. I used the tutorial from Diary of a Quilter and pretty much followed it exactly. The only thing I would advise is to check the size of your boning before inserting it. I did not and the top seemed a bit loose. I removed it (before sewing it in, thankfully) and measured it; the woman at the fabric store had been generous and gave me 15" instead of 12" which was either a mistake or nice of her. Either way, it fit much better at 12". It was really an easy project; Wee One refused his nap on the Project Day and I pretty much made it while keeping him occupied (i.e. not playing with the ironing board, iron or sewing machine).

In the background you can see an easel Nature Boy designed and constructed for Wee One. He told me he wanted to leave it in it's natural wood state and have Wee One's paint splashes and errant crayonings as the "finish" and you can see Wee One is complying like a champ.

Wee One's Organic Guernsey is finished now, save for sewing on three buttons. As soon as the buttons are one, I will try and arrange a photo shoot. I'm also excited to see if it fits...

I hope all had a lovely Imbolc/Groundhog's Day. I did here and was reflecting on being a vegan pagan. Imbolc, named for "ewe's milk", is at first glance not so very vegan. Dairy products figure prominently in the Irish and Scottish lore of celebrating and traditional feasting. However, this year I focused on the care and love Bride had for animals, particularly cattle, and this really seemed to help me forge a deeper spiritual connection.

Seems now I am looking for all the signs of spring. We had a strange two days' weather; cold and snow-covered, then warm, rainy and melting, then windy with more snow and cold. The warm, rainy, melty part gives me hope it won't be long now.


affectioknit said...

Awesome cover and Awesome easel too!