Sunday, February 06, 2011

Procrastinator on Fire!

My so-called lazy, stay inside all day Saturday proved to be not so lazy after all. Not only did I make a vegan cake from scratch with two types of frosting and make dinner, I also managed to sew...

...a baby sling! With Wee One, we just used the baby Bjorn or I used the wrap seen here. The wrap is just a piece of jersey knit fabric, which works well, but the tying it in place takes time. Fine for just one wee...but I think things may be a tad bit different this time around. I need something to throw on quickly at a moment's notice before Wee One takes off into the sunset. Four hands would be optimal but so far, I've only got two. Hopefully the sling will come in handy!

I used the tutorial found here; thanks, Sarah! I kind of guessed at the hip to shoulder ratio as my belly is a bit expansive these days. I hope once I have Wee Too, the sling hangs a bit lower, closer to my hip. I followed the tutorial pretty much the same, except I opted to forgo the pacifier holder. I liked how simple it was and how it did not have upholstery foam padding inside like some other designs out there. Here is the link Sarah also provides for tips and ways to carry your wee inside a sling.

It seems I am finally starting to cross things off my massive list before Wee Too arrives. This is where the adrenaline kicks in and a procrastinator thrives; hopefully the extra energy will last a few more weeks!


affectioknit said...

Awesome sling! I'm sure it will be perfect!

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Thanks so much for getting in touch with me! I love your new sling :) Congratulations on your upcoming due date … My no.2 baba is due to June so I’m getting very excited myself! I blogged about you here:

Take care and Happy Sewing, Sarah