Monday, March 28, 2011

Upcycled Easter (Ostara, Eostre) grass!!!

You know the stuff, right? The way-too-bright, crinkly-feeling, sticks-to-everything-including-your-jammies-and-hair plastic-y stuff the Easter bunny likes to line his baskets with? Plus if your cat eats it, the necessary emergency surgery to remove it from her intestines will be quite pricey. Well, that stuff has long been banished from Knitsburgh. This year, we are going with flannel. Scraps from Wee One's flannel receiving blanket collection. After making bibs from two of these blankets (squeezed three reversible bibs total from the two), there was some leftover fabric. Not enough for another bib. I had some other ideas of what I might make them into but this one won out. Maybe it was the colors in the blankets (green and white gingham; pastel colored polka dots) that sealed their fate... I grabbed the pinking shears and cut strips of fabric, just eyeballing it to the width I liked. How easy is that? Get your basket and throw it in there. It should last for years as the flannel won't fray either. It would be cute and rustic too with some leftover cotton fabric. The fun part is you can make it any color you like and use any scraps of fabric you have, from old t-shirts to sheets to sewing scraps!

Did anyone else partake in Earth Hour this past weekend? We did and I managed to finish the Owlie Hat by candlelight. I enjoyed the time with the lights off; Nature Boy even got out a book and read, I couldn't believe my eyes! He did promptly turn on the television as soon as the hour was up but we did leave the lights off. Here is Owlie Hat for Wee Too, drying with the Owlie Sleep Sack.

****For more info on Ostara, click HERE.


Reilly! said...

This is a fantastic idea for Easter basket grass! I'll be storing this one in the memory banks for later use!

Patricia said...

Thanks Reily! I also like how Wee One's baby blankies will be part of the yearly celebration. The basket is Nature Boy's from when he was little so it is a true "family heirloom" now.

Bridy said...

I love the sleep sac. I wish I new how to knit when my kids were babies.
I will have to use soem of our old shirts for the basket grass. We have two cats and don't use any plastic grass for fear they will chew it, and they would!