Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vernal Aspirations...

I finally finished the Owlie Sleep Sack for Wee Too. This involved ordering some additional yarn from Knit Picks as I was using up what I had left in my stash and of course, it was not enough. So two more skeins of the Organic Cotton Worsted Weight in Marshmallow arrived this week and I used about 1/2 a skein. Next up is the matching Owlie Hat (like the one I made for Compassionate Craft Week a while back). I wish you could feel how soft it is. I also wish I had enough time and knitting fortitude to fashion an adult sized sleep sack for myself...

These last few weeks have been trying at times. There was some concern due to dropping platelet count I might not be able to have Wee Too outside of the hospital but thankfully, a visit to a specialist remedied this concern and we should be fine to go forth with our current birth plan. Now I am trying to get Bill and Kay comfortable with driving to the Birth Center which means driving **gasp** in the city!!! Kay does not drive outside of a ten mile radius of her home. Bill has decided he will ignore my detailed, city dweller who knows how to get around the 'burgh directions and instead look at a map and arbitrarily choose random, out of the way possible routes through areas which:

  1. Involve heavy construction, certain delays and a closed bridge he believes will be open as it is "right there on the map."
  2. Sketchy neighborhoods it's best not to get lost in while you try to drive quite possibly in the middle of the night.
  3. Are places he has never ever even been before.

Now this really isn't much of a surprise; Bill ALWAYS has a "shortcut" meaning a longer route that usually takes more time and gas but for some reason he finds more appealing. I just thought due to the urgency of the sitch, he might try a more direct route while I'm in labor and waiting on them to arrive to get to our house or for them to meet us at the Birth Center. I really don't know whether to laugh or cry; I've done both for the last day or so. Basically, they are coming to care for Wee One while Nature Boy and I bring Wee Too into this world and it would be so much easier on my mind if I knew they could make it to the Birth Center without a problem. They are coming tomorrow so I can drive them to and from and get them comfortable with it. Wish me luck!!!

I've been trying to keep busy meanwhile. Under the super moon last week, the seeds for this year's garden were blessed in a ritual outside, then Nature Boy and I sowed them inside. Today, the marigolds and lettuce were sprouting already.

I am trying a radical new approach to gardening this year. Equal parts from the biointensive techniques of Jeavons and the knowledge of the indigenous people of this land, the Native Americans. I planned out the garden on paper...
...then Nature Boy was kind enough to accompany me outside, till the land a bit and help me set out the walkways separating the garden into three smaller plots. These plots will be (hopefully) jam packed full of veggies and herbs. I'm most excited about companion planting methods/knowledge and the Three Sisters plot, which will have corn, beans and squash planted together, which are are mutually beneficial to the others when planted thusly.
Wow, I've said a lot today! Lastly, I brought some forsythia in a few days ago and today they are brightening up this place something fierce! It's cold again here but not for long!


affectioknit said...

Your Owlie is adorable...and your garden plan is spectacular! Very best wishes!

cseneque said...

Poor thing, it must be pretty stressful. An adult-sized sleep sack sounds pretty good right about now.