Friday, June 02, 2006

Good Eats, Bad Facecloth

Can I just say that I had a great meal tonight? My guy and I pondered where to eat dinner for hours, and then it hit us: Mad Mex. No place serves the vegan (me) and carnivore (him) diner at the same time in such a fabulous way! Had the vegetarian burrito, veganized with vegan soy cheese and vegan sour cream, with some guacomole on the side. I could only eat half and got the other half packaged, but alas, left the take-out package on the table when I left (I seem to do this often, I'm a bit scattered at times).

So here is a pic of my new project:

It will be a sleeveless tanks, methinks. The yarn is some bamboo fibre, supplied by the illustrious Knit One on Murray in Squirrel Hill. Love that store! I bought it some time ago and cast on for the sweater but for some reason (aka The Sweater) it hibernated in the bottom of my knitting bag. Maybe I'll take a pic of that bag some day so you all will get how it could actually hibernate there. I admit, it's a scary place most days.

There was also a project I started in between and frogged no less than 3 times. What on earth, you ask, could make me frog at such a frantic frenetic rate? A rather complicated garment? Involving cables? Lace? Intarsia?

I am ashamed to admit it was a freakin' FACECLOTH. A square with which to wash one's face. In a very pale shade of pink. Now, there are some pink girls out there but I am not a pink girl and do not own many pink clothes, unless they are hot pink in a retro-punk kind of way. I was using some leftover yarn from a gifted baby sweater and thought, I can make a pink facecloth because the bathroom of the apartment I rent is light pink and black. I'm not kidding, I'd take a photo of the bath but it's due for a good cleaning and I would be ashamed if my mum happened upon this site and caught a glimpse of the loo looking less than spotless. So yes, a square of knitting fabric was my downfall this week. My idea was to knit on the bias with increases at each side and include a YO on the sides, then decreasing again once I got the width right. Once finished, I'd have a diamond-shaped cloth with holes to weave a chic black ribbon through. It didn't quite work out as I imagined and I made some blunders with the YO's, then ended up somehow dropping a stitch (?????) and it was frogged for the final time after that. So maybe one day I will get back to it...but hopefully I will own a home of my own by then and my bathroom will no longer be pink and black and I will have no need to knit any more facecloths.

This has all seriously made me doubt my knitting capabilities. I was all kinds of ready to start submitting an original sweater pattern to some magazines/books but now I am thinking I am not really that skilled. I will continue to ponder this over the evening hours. Good night and good knitting to all!