Sunday, June 04, 2006


I thought I was dreaming this happened until I checked my camera this morning and there was the proof, it was real! Karmic too, I met him in the same spot of the same bar I watched the Steelers win the superbowl. I was pretty star-struck and did not say much, he was very nice about taking the picture with me. I have been walking on cloud nine all day!

Not much knitting going on today, I was pretty tired from this weekend. I went to a friend's wedding yesterday, she was gorgeous, it was a great day. After the reception, my guy and I met some of the guests at a bar. We were out pretty late so today was pretty much all about some R&R. I caught up on some sleep with my five cats. I watched a repeat of Knitty Gritty and some Stylicious. I think Vickie Howell is actually Molly Ringwald. I have yet to see them together so my theory holds for now. I made some howemade veggie soup and a salad and served it with some Italian bread, then made some raspberry cobbler for desert. My guy got some prints of my photo for me and suprised me with a new frame for the 8x10 and a vegan chocolate bar, what a sweetie! Tomorrow I have a busy workday ahead of me, then plan to meet the Hive Knitters at the Bee Hive for some knittery fun.


KeanaLee said...

I was just looking at your blog & saw your pic. How weird is that you just met him & all this happens today? My childrens' father played for the steelers for 10 years & he died in a car accident a little less than 2 years ago. I feel for Ben's parents.(what bar is that - it looks familiar)I like your picture from our day at the park, thanks for the shout out. It was awesome to met you.