Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend's over...enter Monday...

Well, kids, it's over. Why does the weekend go so quickly? Here we are in Monday mode again. I go into work a little late today due to a 6:30 PM meeting. This means I will either be late or altogether miss knitting at the Hive tonight. Oh well, at least I got a public knitting fix in on Sat. for World Knit in Public Day!

A great time was had by all, thanks to Keana's efforts. You can visit her at Several of the Hive Knitters also made appearances, it was fun to see them outside in the light of day and out of the Bat Cave. Sock knitters outnumbered all other projects. I now have more respect for the humble sock and may even try knitting a pair. The only sock I ever knit was a very large Christmas stocking for my guy. It was exciting turning the heel, such a mysterious and well-planned execution in a pattern. The stocking was the only thing my guy has ever requested I knit for him. Which, selfishly enough, I am excited about as this leaves more knitting projects for me. I am kinda shy about knitting for others, I usually only knit for family members because they appreciate the time and effort it takes. Other peeps don't seem to understand and I go out and buy mass-produced crap for them. I feel safe saying that because not many people read this blog and I'm sure no one who does not knit themselves would happen upon it anyway.

Sunday I went to the Art Festival with Kay (aka mom). We took the T down, it was a nice day but unseasonably cold again. I found a pair of earrings for me and for someone else. Well, I need to iron my clothes and jet out the door and make the big bucks to support my knitting. Trust me, big bucks is said VERY tonque-in-cheek-like. I work in the human services field, for goodness sake!


LaurieG said...

It was great meeting you Patty!