Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I am most certainly not dead...

...but I am pretty hot right now. Now I know TONS of people flock to this site daily to see what exciting knitting adventures I am embarking on and all of you must be sick with worry about me. It's been a while. Let me explain. I am BUYING MY FIRST HOUSE!

After months of searching we are on the cusp of home ownership. The inspection takes place tomorrow AM, I am excited and scared and anxious and relieved all at once. We got as far as this once with another house in March but the inspection revealed about 5 areas of structural damage. Please keep your fingers crossed and think a positive thought for me tomorrow AM!

Needless to say, I've not been knitting. It's so hot here and I sit lifeless and dream up what I plan to do with my house. You're right, I could still dream away as I knit but I'm just in a weird slump. I did finish beading the CD cabinet my guy made for me. It was half-beaded for months and this week I finally completed it. Maybe it was the waning moon. Maybe it was the thought of how cute it would be finished in our new place. It's hard to say. The important thing is, it's done. You can also see the kitty condo my guy made in the background. That's a very wilty Quandary helping out as usual, holding the condo down for us.

I also purchased the book, Generation T, 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt, by Megan Nicolay. I turned my classic John Lennon in New York t-shirt from a frumpy too-big shirt that I never wore into a sleek-fitting tee that also has yet to be worn. It has some cute ideas though, I have been pulling out my old t-shirts from the bottoms of drawers and have grand designs for all of them...

I have also given in on the hair. I will be dyeing my hair with henna this weekend. After we signed our contract for the house, my guy and I stopped into our local watering hole to celebrate. The female bartender asked for ID, then stated mine was not required but my guy looked very young. I am exactly 9 months older than him. That did it, I give in, American advertisers, I will dye my hair.

Hopefully I will have some knitterly goodness to blog about soon! Maybe a new Knitting Room in my new place?