Wednesday, May 09, 2007

As the Needles Click...

Last week we left our knitter-heroine as she was leaving for work, wringing her hands in pain after a mere 4 hours of shut eye in her desperate, feeble attempt to complete the Wee One Cardigan on time. We join her now for a recap:

No, friends, it was not finished in time to give on Friday. Ever the procrastinator at heart, I reasoned that the Wee Laddy's birthday was not for another two weeks and I could finish it without a super-rush job and mail it in time for his birthday. So I continued my finishing and seaming and it is now finished except for buttons. I need to go buy some cute buttons. Which makes me laugh to think of me doing a super sloppy finish job to complete in time and then realizing...I don't have any buttons! I most likely would have been admitted to the hospital after I exhibited some behavior of the psychotic sort. "What brings you here to the unit with your girlfriend?" "Oh she went ballistic after trying to finish a sweater--something about buttons, then she started with the scissors, it was just awful!" "Did you just say, sweater?" "Yeah, sweater. She's weird, she takes her crafts real serious ya know. Got any meds for that?"

I will buy buttons, wash and block and then showcase some shots before mailing out the sweater to share with all of you loyal readers.

What else has this girl been up to? Not too much. Last week we went to a Pirate game and got rained on and the game was cancelled. I was in the 2nd row back from the field though and we made it to the jumbotron during the 7th inning stretch. I could die a happy gal now. We celebrated Kay's Mother's Day Opener Extraveganza as she is leaving tomorrow to go visit my sisters who live out of state and insisted, no, almost demanded, a celebration with me first. It was fun and she liked her gift--certificate for a manicure/pedicure. When I went to buy it, the girl, who had a hard time with English to begin with, kept trying to sit my butt in the chair, that's how bad my fingers and toes have been looking. What could hurt a girl's cuticles so, you ask? All the knitting?

The GARDENING and lots of it. We got our garden in this weekend! Our first real in-the- ground, not-in-containers, honest-to- goodness garden. I think about our plants out there at night and what they are feeling. I hope they are happy. Cause eventually, I will sneak up on them and kill them and eat them. They could at least be happy for a bit...

I will try and get some pics of things up here soon. Off to watch bad MTV melodrama. Speaking of, Rob and Big are coming back baby!!! Can't wait!