Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I came home to...a dirty house! YAY!

I also came home to a new bench for the yard, handcrafted to my wishes and specifications by the most wonderful not to mention talented man on earth, my guy. If only he cleaned too...

My Salem/Boston trip turned out to be mostly a Salem trip with one short stop in Boston. Had a good time but wish we could have seen more of Boston. I guess I will need to return to do that, but I think I will definately be flying next time! It took us 15 hours to get to Brockton, MA and 12 hours to get home. That just hurts. A lot. So what do I have in my future, you ask? Why, more driving! Heading south to the beach to see my sisters this weekend. But this time my guy will be the D.D. freeing me up for, what else, KNITTING. Since I have finished the Wee One Cardigan, what do I have to knit next? Here is a hint:

We're talkin' a linen/acrylic blend, 10 skeins' worth. Which can only indicate a project of epic proportion. Details will be released in small increments so as not to overwhelm and cause general panic and hysteria among you, the readers. Or shall I say, reader? Let's face it, I know of perhaps four people who read this nonsense and two reside in the same household so they really should count as one. You know who you are.

Also of note, the fabulous fibre is perched on our new dining room table with new chairs!!!!
It was delivered today and now my guy and I can eat as far away as possible from one another. And without a television (until he figures out how to fit that in the room too). Love, aint it grand?


Auntie X said...

I read but never comment, there are just a bunch of vegan knitting blogs that I added to my Google Reader and yours is one of them. I like to see what other people are working on.

affectioknitter said...

Hi Patricia - pretty table and pretty yarn - I'm looking forward to seeing the new project.