Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Vegan Beach Weekend

Tips for the Outer Banks Vegan Experience:
-DO buy some good vegan SPF 30 sunblock. I used the spray-on Kiss My Face version and look ma, no burn!!! Remember to rub it on good after you spray it. I used Alba SPF on my face and also have no zits, imagine that!
-DO eat at good places. The Brewing Station in Kill Devil Hills has brought back the tofu (they took it away last summer). It was curry-coconut with veggies and DEE-licious. Remember to request they make it vegan for you, and ask nicely, and they will be glad to help you out. And should you see Lynn or Paula there, tip them well, they are good people!
Another good place is Mama Kwan's in Nags Head. Mama makes a meal for a vegan like no other. Two great choices besides the boring salad you usually have to settle for at other places. One is the Cali-wrap. Ask for no cheese or dijon--it comes with some yummy spicy guacamole. The second and by far the best is the Garbage Plate. Comes with cucumber salad, pineapple, jasmine rice with sesame seeds (toasted) and some mescaline greens. Yum-taculer, super-fresh and filling but not heavy for all you surfer chix and dudes out there. I also scored on the bargain t-shirt sale, just dig through the bin til you find your size, don't be afraid.
-DO look in the shell you pick up on the beach to see if there is a sea creature still in it before you take it on home. Nothing hurts a vegan like the smell of a dying sea creature in their car. Catch and release, baby!
Now the DON'Ts:
-DON'T assume you will find vegan fare at KFC and don't cry when you get back in the car after your guy eats the popcorn chicken. Just don't.
-DON'T think you will sit back and knit on your vegan, animal friendly new project and your boyfriend will drive the whole way. He will punk out and you should not be pissed. Even though he only has to drive 9 hours and you drove 15 last weekend. Even though he brought no constructive, crafty activity and just wants to drool on your seat.
-DON'T assume the Seaside Vegetarian in Kitty Hawk will be there to save your ass. It was freakin' CLOSED this weekend, the kick-off to the tourist season! I hear they closed not to cater a wedding themselves but to let a local caterer use their kitchen to cater a wedding. That's just wrong people! So don't count on them being there for you in your time of need, especially when all you want is their yummy noodle bowl. Ok, so I will probably try them one more time when I get back there again....but it will be their last chance, seriously!
-DON'T assume because you are vegan you qualify as the Moat Engineer on the Castle Construction Project. Because you do not and your moat will fail and you will be told by others who did not help in the Castle Construction Project hours later all the right ways it could have been done.

I did get to see my favorite band Carbon Leaf play at Soundfest. It was a beautiful day and nothing else could get me off the beach before sundown but them. Here are some pics of me and the band:
Me & Barry (lead singer/tambourine/penny whistle)
Me & Terry (guitar/sometimes lead vocal on Led Zep covers)
Me & Carter (mandolin and guitar)
Me & Scott (the elusive drummer from PA) Jordan the bass player (stand-up bass, hello) just had a baby and was not there. I didn't get a pic with the newer member who plays the accordian and the keys. Maybe some other time. They played a good mix of the older tunes and the new, of course I'm partial to the old, stand-up bass and mandolin music.
I also got a new Carbon Leaf t-shirt. Which means I am ready to go on tour with them and play the triangle, just have your people call my people.
Here is a spiderweb on my porch:

Here is my climbing rose bush with blooms--there are a gazillion blooms on this thing:
It may just crawl onto the sidewalk and eat trespassers-so look out, it's Suddenly Seymour!