Monday, May 04, 2009

Isabella Maria

Still knitting on the nursing wrap but not much progress. We've had a very tragic turn here at Knitsburgh. On Saturday, May 2, 2009 our beloved Isabella Maria left this earthly realm. We wish her peaceful passings to her new journey and hold her memory on this plane dear. We feel so fortunate to have spent time with her and are very glad she came and demanded to live with us way back in the Colorado Time. Her beautiful green eyes, tiny frame and long whiskers made her so cute but her personality was her best feature; Izzie greeted everyone who entered Knitsburgh and loved all people from 8 to 8o years old. Though a tiny one compared to the rest of our crew, our "shortstack" kept the other cats in line like a tiny tugboat and they never dared to challenge her! The Iz was the boss for sure. Izzie played with the fervor of a frantic kitten well into her years and loved to "assist" with knitting. We are comforted by the fact that in every one of my knitting projects, there is a little bit of Iz fiber woven throughout. Her suffering is now over; we wish you peace our little love!


Laura said...

I'm sorry to hear about Isabella Maria. My thoughts are with you.

Reilly! said...

So sorry to hear about Isabella Maria :( I thought it was really touching that you have a bit of her woven into most knitting projects. So sweet.