Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Return to Joy

Wanted to post about some of the wonderful good things that are also happening around Knitsburgh.

Look what I found for $4 at my favorite store that I can never afford anything at?

For the S and the P. Salt and Peppa. Spicy!

Look what Nature Boy gifted me on Mother's Day even though I'm not even a mommy yet for reals:

An MP3 player. For the stroller. That's right, we got ourselves a 4-wheeling kind of stroller that has a pedometer AND a speaker to play an MP3 player from (click here if you really need to see it). Dang, I think my butt just rolled over into the current century! Now if only I could figure out how to use it...

Here are the azaleas, in full bloom at dusk:

Finally, here is the Nursing Wrap, chugging along:

We also got our final delivery for the cloth all-in-one organic diapers we are going to be using! We ordered a wet bag and a diaper pail liner for them from the same company and are really pleased so far...after we test them out I will give a review of everything but I just want to say they are all really really cute!!! Hope you find your joy today too!


LaurieG said...

My best tip for soaking used diapers is to put a bit of borax in the soak water. It's a great natural deodorizer. You can use it in the laundry too.

Patricia said...

thanks! i can use all the tips anyone has out there so if there are more, keep 'em coming!!

Reilly! said...

Anthropologie is my favorite store too! There's a quilt from there on our wedding registry.

Also, it makes my heart so happy to hear that you're going the cloth diaper route! We're nowhere close to having a Wee One of our own, but I've already started trying to sell M on the cloth diaper idea :)

Welcome to the 21st century!