Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deadly Craft

The crafts are killer around here.

So yeah I cut right though the measuring tape. Call the crime lab, another severed body. A new murder investigation begins here at Knitsburgh...

Please hold on as the next parts will move quickly from one subject to the next without much rhyme or reason. Maybe I should post smaller amounts daily instead of once-a-weekish and smattering you with all sorts of chatter? Maybe but not today; today you will be chatted up. Grab some tea and a cookie and get comfy. Away we go.

Have to first tell you about the awesome goodness at Handmade Arcade. Sadly I did not think to take photos while I was there and cannot attest to the goodness of the vegan food because I did not partake this year, but the wares, they were wonderful! This year Nature Boy and Wee One came with which was quite helpful indeed; we took his stroller in which probably wasn't our best move. As I was standing in line to buy this print from Strawberry Luna for the Wee One's room:

I overheard the following:

20-something man: "Oh god, look at that guy with the stroller!"

20-something woman: "Oh how awful! This is really not the best place for that!"

I laughed in my head. I remember being that age and saying similar stuff. I wanted to tell them, oh I said those things too, just you wait...but managed some control. Nature Boy and I laughed at it later. Oh the days...

I did throw the Baby Bjorn in the car for the next too-crowded thing we find ourselves at.

There may or may not have been other purchases there; one may just not be at liberty to discuss it yet, Mr. or Ms. Snoopy Snooperson.

Oh now on to other stuff hanging on the walls. Here is a pic of the frame that Nature Boy made for the other print we got for Wee One this summer:
Here is a pic of some free package inserts from BPAL that I framed up for our bedroom:I had those pics on my dresser mirror for years cause I liked them and finally thought, hmm, could just frame them already. I love the art that comes from BPAL almost as much as the oils!

And then we move over to...some Yuletide Cheer!

The tree:

And stockings:

So, the cookies (three kinds in two days) are now baked, the handmade holiday cards sent...things are getting crossed off the list! Let's hope there are no further fatal crafting incidents around Knitsburgh for the rest of the year and in 2010...


Heather said...

love the strawberry luna print! i have several of her alphabet prints in erika's room. soo cute!