Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Lovely Year

I sat upstairs early this morning, watching the snow fall swiftly as I nursed the Wee One and reflected on this past year. Truly an amazing, life-altering time for me. I am almost sad to see it end!

The snow that fell is now melting as the day warms above freezing, sending rivulets of water coursing underneath slushy, almost-melted snow down the driveway, down the bank of ivy. You can see and hear the water. It almost feels like spring, today. Fresh. Cool. Possibility.

So this is the last day of this wonderful year. It feels like the earth is cleaning the blackboard so there will be room for tomorrow's lesson. Everything wiped clear.

And that is what tomorrow for me will entail; taking down the decor here at Knitsburgh. Packing away memories to be re-visited next year. Cleaning the house, both physically and spiritually. Starting over again as it was, before the holidays came.

I will say goodbye to this year quietly and a bit sadly and ready myself for the next.

Happy New Year to all!


Laura said...

Happy New Year, Patricia! I hope 2010 is just as wonderful for you, Nature Boy and Wee One as 2009 was. :)

affectioknit said...

Happy New Year! Blessings and best wishes!