Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's the most craftacular time...

...of the year!

Here is the hat I knit for Nature Boy's niece plus the little do-dads which snap on. She can wear it plain or with one of them. Or maybe she will even make some of her own?!?!? Hopefully she will like the interchangeable stuff enough that it won't suck to get a hat for a gift. Don't worry, we got her some other non-handmade fun too.

The pattern is by Just Jussi and called "Poppy." The interchangeable idea I claim as my own. The hat is by the same gal and knit in much the same fashion as the Wee One's recent aviator helmet. You should check out her patterns if you knit, they are fun and fast and I think cute too.

Next up is the finished stacking rings toy for Wee One. After making the rings I stitched up a cloth pyramid, sewed it to a square with a hole cut out of the center, then sewed another square to it. In all, the whole thing took 2 bags of bamboo fiber fill. That alone is a testament to the gigantic-acity of it. Yes, it will definately qualify for the Festivus Feats of Strength as the Wee will surely be a mini-muscleman if he is able to heft it.

You might think with all this that Ms. Knitsburgh might be ready to sit on her laurels and relax. You would be wrong. Ms. Knitsburgh has a few other handcrafty projects on her list to go...some may not appear here until after the holidays as it would not be a surprise if someone spied their gift here, now would it?

The crafts are calling....see ya!


affectioknit said...

The hat and stacking toy are both awesome!

Reilly! said...

I LOVE bamboo fiber fill! I was so excited when I found it a couple months ago. I promptly purchased a bag and now it's just sitting there waiting to be used!