Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Quickie...

...while the baby is napping.

Get your mind out of the gutter--I'm talking a quick blog post here!

Wanted to show some of the wonderful gifts that made their way to me, some by post, some in person.

This one came via post from one of my sweet sisters--a pewter bracelet in my birth month flower, the narcissus. Yeah, I got older again in December, hard to believe right? You can see a better pic here if you like.

Another gift from yet another sweet sis--recycled glass earrings! I love these but have to wait to wear until the Wee One is past his pulling/chewing of all things attached to mommy stage. This includes hair and noses, in case you were wondering.

Another gift via post from Hawaii! A very handsome handmade photo album from natural materials; can't wait to fill it with some Wee One at the Beach shots this summer!

My favorite gift of them all came from Nature Boy.

A beautiful deer and fawn necklace from Figs & Ginger. He told me the artist informed if needed, another fawn could be added at a later date; was that some sort of hint? My photos don't do this necklace justice, you can see a much better pic of it here. You can also read about how recylced silver is used, making this a green-friendly gift as well.

Ok, and then the Knitting Update. Here is the Red Sweater for Wee One:

Note front and back are completed and the sleeves are on the needles. Which I hope to mean a finished pic will soon grace this blog.

Status: Baby still napping. Which means time for....KNITTING! What did you think I meant?


LaurieG said...

Love the sweater! And the Epiphany is tomorrow (Jan. 6), traditionally the day the three wise men arrived w/ their gifts for baby Jesus. From Christmas to Jan. 6th are the 12 days of Christmas. Some people exchange gifts on the Epiphany instead of Christmas. I just like to drag the holiday out.

Jhony said...

Thank You for sharing information