Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lulu's Lair

Sunday evening the search for the quadruplets was called off. I found an old yellow shirt with yellow buttons on it that happened to live in my "clothes to be refashioned/upcycled" pile. I cut them off and sewed three onto Violet.

Yesterday, the Wee One and I ventured out of doors for a lovely sunny walk and mailed out Violet with a few other things to the newest Wee on Nature Boy's side of the family.

Violet on the periwinkle bed with gnome overlooking...

After our walk, we came home, ate some lunch and Wee decided to take a nap. During this time, the weekly Cleaning of the Estate commenced. As I moved our bed to vacuum under it (I wouldn't normally bother but Lulu loves to line the entire floor underneath with blue-gray fur) I found them. They were being held hostage under the bed! Oh the crimes here, again they are terrible. Lulu is the top suspect and is being questioned but she is unfortunately not talking...

Maybe I will need some yellow buttons one day again as I now have lots. They are now all safely living in the button jar.