Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Things occupying my head and time of late....
-Trying to reduce our food budget by using lots of coupons and stockpiling sale items and visiting Farmer's Markets.
-Letterboxing! Where crafting meets hiking meets sleuthing.
-Violet; of course we are stuck on some sleeves right now....

-The garden. Veggie and flower seedlings are sprouting, peas and green beans are in the ground already, beds have been cleared of leaves from the fall.

-Sewing continues to be explored. Weekend Sewing now lives here. Twinkle Sews came on leave from the library. I have to say Twinkle Sews does not make me happy when you have to print out the printable pattern and find you have to print out 18 pages just for one shirt; you really don't want to know how many pieces of paper a dress pattern takes. Such a waste. We are in the preliminary stages of the Flapper Blouse. Of course, no silkworms are being harmed for this product, I'm using fabric with no animal content.

-Thrift store follies; I visited one last week and scored some vintage Singer tracing paper for 49 cents, a copper-colored aluminum food mold in a shamrock shape, a pair of shorts for $2 and a summer shirt for $2.
-Walking outside, strolling the neighborhood, visiting parks with the Wee, he loves it so.

What are you up to?


affectioknit said...

Everything looks so Spring-y there!