Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great Day!

Several things which did not look as though they were working out have turned around today. Two weeks ago we were notified Wee One's aquatics class was cancelled; I scrambled to get him into another but was told it was full and there was a wait list. If enough people were interested, they would open a second class and I should be notified the end of last week. It came and went without a call and we were sad. Today we got a call and we start very soon! We are so thrilled!

Last week we spent most of our spare time looking up some vacation rentals for the beach trip we are planning. We found the perfect fit for our family and made the reservation. We looked at the house three times a day and talked incessantly of the fun we will have as we introduce Wee One to The Ocean for the very first time. I got an email yesterday explaining there was a problem and the house should rent for twice as much as it was listed due to the new pool being added. I spent yesterday on the phone and firing off emails and finally, finally they decided to honor the confirmed reservation at the price they had confirmed last week and we were assured today all is well and as it should be.

Can you believe I made a dress?

With box pleats and pockets?

I can't! It's the Trapeze Dress from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I made the large size due mostly to the bust measurement but I fear once I have weaned the Wee One, it will be much too big. The photo shoot was completed with a timer this afternoon, which was rainy and cloudy, so I fear I have made it look not as cute as it is. I like it but it is a little larger on the sides of the skirt and bodice areas; I might try to make a summery blouse with the pattern in the medium size to see if that may work better, and if so, might make another dress in medium as well. The fabric I used here was super cheap cotton from Joann so it cost about $7.00 to make. I think it will look cute with jeans and a tank top under it until it's super hot, then it might be a cute dress to wear to the pool or beach or to just relax around the estate in. It took me about four evenings to make it so for someone who knows how to sew and is much more proficient, this would be a snap.

And did I mention it has pockets? I am so impressed with me today!

Here are two Irish flat caps I made for Wee One as well.

I made the patchwork cap first and it seemed a bit large, so I tried to wing it and made a smaller version that of course is too small. I did improve upon the design with the second so I will eventually try a third cap. I basically used a cap Nature Boy wears as a design model for them.

Here is sad, lonely Violet who has been pushed to the wayside again by sewing. Poor girl, I think I will knit upon her again tonight.

Here is what happens when the camera comes out at Knitsburgh. Miss Madison Penelope takes matters into her own hands and assaults the paparazzo's equipment. Oh the thuggery!

Today was brilliant, I must say. Oh, today, I hate to see you end!


Reilly! said...

Patty, you look fantastic! The dress is wonderful. I'm dragging my sewing machine out tonight for the first time in about a year, should be interesting.

I hope the day's excitement spills over to today!

Patricia said...

Hooray for sewing machines! You would like that I have been using the library copy of the book but since I really like it so I think it will be purchased and reside on my bookshelf permanently. Thanks for the compliments, a girl can use them sometimes. Hope your sewing is magic and we are still riding a wave of utter joy.

affectioknit said...

Pretty dress - you did a great job! Can't wait to see swimmy pictures and beach pictures too...

VeganCraftastic said...

Your dress looks great! A friend and I are making that same dress as a sew-a-long project :)

Reilly! said...

I've been itching to get my hands on a copy of "Weekend Sewing" but my library's copy has a ridiculous number of holds. I've seen so many good reviews I may just skip the library and buy it (scandalous coming from a Librarian, I know ^_^)

Yeah, tonight's sewing was rocky, but I managed pretty well. Just adding a few darts to a top that I recently acquired. All the gory details will be posted soon (as they are part of the new craft project!)