Thursday, March 04, 2010


Here are some examples of conversations NOT to have to prevent jinxing yourself:

1. NEIGHBOR GUY: So is he (referring to Wee One) sleeping through the night?
ME: Oh, yeah, he's been sleeping through the night for months now.

2. NATURE BOY'S MOTHER: Does he (referring to Wee One) seem bothered at all by the teething?
ME: No, he's just his normal self.


Since the Ravelympics ended, I've become more of the regular procrastinational-type knitting self again, some evenings nary even sending a glance towards my knitting bag. Want to see one of the things in it?
It is hopefully going to be a sweater for a Wee who is not mine. She was born last month and we shall call this sweater-to-be Violet, as that is what the colors remind me of. I am making it up as I go, a little top-down raglan cardi. In the background you can see another crafty moment in the works. I will reveal it when it is finished. I will say this: Miss Madison Penelope has some paint on her leg already from it. I guess, as the official Investigator of Knitsburgh, she must perform her job no matter the consequences. Needless to say the smudge mark on the Mystery Project is calling out for a second coat....sigh...
Oh and here is a photo of some yum, courtesy of Veganomicon. I have to say, for having this in my cookbook arsenal for hmm, over two years now, you think I would have tried more recipes. I mean, if all of them are as tasty as this....

Meet the Leek and Bean Cassoulet with Biscuits!

I did make some adjustments. No leeks, I used celery. I added some homemade beef-style seitan too. I used cannellini beans instead of red navy. I rolled (well, OK, patted it out flat on a board) and cut my biscuits instead of dropping spoonfuls of dough. Those were the major differences. It took some time to get it all together and in the oven (mostly due to making the seitan) but the end result was worth it for sure. Now I am pondering other possible dishes to top with biscuit dough before the spring hits us...the sun outside says it is coming soon!


affectioknit said...

I love that casserole with the little hearts - so sweet - I'm sure Violet will be gorgeous..

Laura said...

the cassoulet looks delicious and i love the colors of Violet and can't wait to see how it comes out.
give wee one a hug for me :)