Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The view from here...

A long long time ago in a Knitsburgh far away, you were promised some product reviews. I'm going to give one to you now.

The Gro Baby Diaper
We chose this for the Wee One before the Wee One was here for several reasons. We wanted a cloth diaper that might not leak a lot; we wanted one with organic cotton; we wanted them to last beyond a few months as our Wee grew. We also wanted cuteness.

We really liked how adjustable they are for fit and growth. There are three rows of snaps on the front which enable you to make it bigger or smaller. The Wee is on the 2nd row of snaps and has been for some time; it feels like they might actually work out until he is two as the product stated! Bear in mind our Wee is indeed small for his age.

The inserts are organic cotton and the outer shells are made of leak proof PUL. They are indeed cute and look good on their own with a t-shirt on a hot day if you are in a relaxed, informal mode. Especially if your Wee has on some striped socks.

Leaks have occasionally happened but normally this is an error made by myself or Nature Boy. If you are diapering a fidgety Wee and don't get the shell velcroed closed while paying attention to the leg openings, you sometimes get leaks around a gap in a leg opening but by now, we are pros at this. The other type of leak happens when you lay a Wee down for the night or an extended afternoon nap and don't add one of the organic cotton booster thingies, which is just an extra layer of organic cotton you can add or leave out at your whimsy. Oh, and then the last type of leak is just boy-related and happens if certain parts are not positioned in a downwards state before the diaper is closed...again user error, not diapers fault.

After three months, one of the shells did have a problem. The elastic around the back came detached within the diaper on one side, leaving it loose and leaky. I contacted Kelly of Kelly's Closet where we bought them; she referred me to Gro Baby who sent me a new shell that very day (received it in like two days' time). Kelly also followed up with us and sent us a coupon for $5 off our next purchase; how nice of her! We just bought a swim diaper for Wee One through her as well and once it has been swim-tested, I will review that here too. Here's a peak at it and can I just say, it is too cute and I don't want to cover it up with any of the five (that's right, five) pairs of swim trunks he has to date.

We also bought our diaper pail wet bag and travel wet bag through Kelly's Closet and love them too. The washing of the diapers is not that bad; you need to buy detergent that will not leave a residue and this is for me the toughest part. Rinsing them out is easy and the washing is not a problem. I wash them every two days and when I can I hang them outside. I use a drying rack for the shells inside which dry very quickly, about 3 hours or so. The inserts are really thick and take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to dry inside on the drying rack so I usually pop them in the dryer if the weather is not conducive for outdoor drying. The sun also helps fade out any stains too and of course, imparts a freshness beyond compare. I try and hang the shells in the shade to prevent fading; the purple shells have faded the most so far, much more than the green or yellow.

I would say the cost to purchase the Gro Baby diapers is worth it in the long run as they appear to hold up well. Since they come in gender-neutral colors, if they hold up really really well you could potentially use them for additional siblings. I really like these diapers and for anyone who wants to cloth diaper and use organic cotton and not have their Wee One outgrown them quickly, these are definitely the way to go.

Here is a pic of the setting for our little Oscar celebration...I have to confess, the champagne flutes are holding beer...


affectioknit said...

The diapers are so cute - and the beer in the flutes is hilarious!

Heather said...

hey, did you know that a cloth diaper store opened out in Robinson? on 60 near the church up on the hill...