Monday, March 29, 2010

Lost and Found

I remember in elementary school, there was a cardboard box outside the Principal's office. It held all the wayward hats, mittens, scarves, lunch boxes and toys that were found around the school hallways. You would go there after your mother told you three days in a row you must bring home the jacket you left on the playground. She might even threaten to call your teacher about it and this surely would get you to look. It was somehow painful, having to look in that box for things.

Now I wish I had that box here.

I have been thinking for about two years about some green fabric I bought and never saw again. Sure, there are many other things too that I have not seen in some time. I remembered buying it to make a green dress and then losing it.

Guess what turned up?

It was in the hall closet on the way back of the top shelf. In cleaning for spring and for the arrival of Nature Boy's folks and Wee One's Big Cousin, the closet shelf was cleared off and all hats, mittens, scarves and shawls were washed. At the bottom of it all was the fabric, plus some bonus notions. It was like I went to the store last week, but didn't have to even leave the house.

Since I have already made a green sundress, I must find another use for this plain green cotton. Maybe the Summer Shirt from Weekend Sewing? Or a skirt? Or some PJ bottoms?

The Wee One seemed to like his very first aquatics class, by the way...


Laura said...

don't you just love finding something that you thought you lost long ago? Wee one is so very adorable and looks so cute in his little swimming trunks!

affectioknit said...

I'm so glad you found your cloth - very pretty too! What a sweetie in the water...

Heather said...

we put Erika in the water the first time last week... Loved it. splish, splash! LOL