Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yet another obituary...

PINK DRESS-SHIRT DRESS, born July 19, 2010, died on July 20, 2010 after a surgical procedure to install a zipper. Pink Dress-Shirt Dress was the child of Ms. Knitsburgh's imagination and a men's Van Heusen dress shirt bought at the Avalon Exchange for $1.00. Such a short life; you will forever be missed and revered.

So the above ran in the Knitsburgh Times today. I so wanted to be showing you pics of me and this dress, happy together. Alas, it was not meant to be, another fate awaits her. That's right, I'm talking reincarnation here!

I used a lovely little frock that I quite like and is linen as my pattern. Problem was I did not take into consideration there is a zipper in my pattern-frock to help with the fitting of the waist over one's bosom when putting it on. Without the zipper I could get it over but I swear, it felt like a mammogram and I knew I would not wear the evil torture device as it were. I cut and installed a zipper no less than twice (I admit to you and only you I installed the zipper on the bodice portion only first and then when I went to try it on, same problem, waist strangling my chest). The second time I tried it on and --damn!!! Having to hem the seam allowances for the zipper made it too tight across the heiney and stomach, two areas I definitely want some flowing fabric to cover. A bummer for sure but I will live.

Wee One even offered to help fix it and got out his helpful, my Wee One!

In other events today, we got rear-ended on our way to dinner at Moe's! No one was injured but this sort of thing makes me feel really weird. I'm kind of glad I was driving and drove us to Ikea and then home too, one of those get-right-back-in-the-saddle things.

I also want to say this; I love to go to Ikea but we never buy any furniture there because our house is really not the "Ikea style." Meaning, our home is not very modern or Swedish or whatever you call that style. I do wish we could call our furniture things like "Skoog" and "Bjork" and "Flurgan."

Before you feel all bad for me because I don't have interesting names for my furniture or because we got rear-ended, know this: I still found some things to buy! Knitsburgh now has even more animal shaped cookie cutters; even more Wee One cups; even more fabric and yes, a glass jar to make some sun tea in along with a set of funnels for funneling. How did we ever get by before today?


Laura said...

I'm sorry to hear about the accident. I'm assuming everyone was okay. Those can be dangerous but I'm glad you are alright!
have a great day!

Patricia said...

Thanks Laura! We are all fine and so is the guy that hit into us. Except dear old Blue Molly, she has some damage to her rear end area...poor girl, we have an appointment with the insurance adjuster and then she will probably have a trip to the shop for some repair work.