Monday, October 23, 2006

Falling Snow

Here are the S.C.O.T.S. magnets:

Here are Madison Penelope and Chloe Jean fighting over the new Vogue Knitting issue:

If confused, please see the previous post. If too lazy to check back one post, just know this: blogger sux.

Tonight: ran to the store after work, found two small doorknobs at Anthropologie for our laundry chute doors. If I were wealthy, I think I would shop here more often. As it be, I only purchase things on sale or tiny things here but it is my favorite store. Got some ideas for a new sweater design too! Then I purchased some cheap fake flowers, some black Krylon spray paint, some Halloween confetti and two spools black ribbon for party decorating at Michaels while avoiding purchasing any more yarn. Hit the 1/2 price book store and bought some used CD's to pimp up our party music--like the G. Love & Special Sauce Hustler, Beastie Boys Hello Nasty and Weezer Make Believe selections, also scored a super-cheap Chieftains Celtic Wedding. Hit the Giant Eagle for some soy candles in Fresh Fallen Snow frangrace for party ambience, can't wait to decorate this old haunted house!!! By the way, there was snow falling here in the 'burgh today, I was kind of excited about it all. Came home and my guy turned on the ole gas fireplace, was really nice. Then the stupid Cowboys vs. Giants game came on and the magick was lost...maybe tomorrow there will be a nice blanket of snow outside. A girl can dream...