Sunday, October 22, 2006

Much Ado About Non-Knitting...

In my last post I informed my guy's parents were coming for a visit. They did not in fact come due to a family emergency (and no it was not fire-related). My guy and I did purchase a smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector which currently is resting against our television set in our living room ready to be hung. Now we will be ready.

In the past week, I managed to see the Southern Culture on the Skids, or S.C.O.T.S. show AND the Carbon Leaf show, both at the Rex. Which also meant knitting has been to a minimum. Here is a picture of my fine new S.C.O.T.S. magnet set, which graces my fridge: Blogger will not allow me to post more than one picture this evening, so I chose the knitting picture. Will post once blogger allows!
This show was FANTASTIC and I had a great time. The Carbon Leaf show, not so much. For one thing, they were opening for Matt Nathanson (???), whoever that is (not impressed with him either). This meant they did not play much. The other problem is they are going in a "new direction" as described to me by the bass player. No stand-up bass, no mandolin. They sound like everyone else on the radio right now, sadly. They were big-pimpin' their new CD which I purchased in hopes there were maybe one or two good songs that harkened back to the old ways, but no. I think I might email them to discuss my sadness. I now have an opening for Favorite Band and I am auditioning for replacements...any contenders out there?

Since the knitting continues to be slow, I will show you this:
Me with my Steelers Fan Fingerless Gloves, designed by Me. I am also showing off my vegan brownies from Sarah Kramer's book, The Garden of Vegan. They are her Decadent Brownies with her Chocolate Mint Icing, sans minty-flavor. I made the brownies last week, the gloves last year. Photographer is my guy.

So this week is countdown to my Halloween Party and I still don't have a costume. Keep tuning in to see what I eventually manage to come up with! I have not yet begun the Craft Challenge as posed by my sister, but will inform you of this event once it begins.

Oh, and here is Madison Penelope enjoying our new issue of Vogue Knitting with her sister Chloe Jean. Sharing is hard. Once again, Blogger will not allow me to post more than one picture this evening, so I chose the knitting picture. Will post once blogger allows!

Yesterday I served as tour guide of the beautiful city of Pittsburgh for my mom and aunt, who ALSO KNITS. We had a good time though I am not the best guide. We took on Phipps Conservatory (now I want to grow orchids, mums and bonsai trees), rode the incline, had dinner and then a drink in the very bar I met Ben. Sadly, he could not meet us as planned as he was in Atlanta. He missed some good conversation about the indispensible, seam-saving 3-needle bind-off, too.

Oh, and Ben, I'm sorry for the loss today and for the injury, there SHOULD have been a flag for a helmet-to-helmet hit. Charlie, stand-up job filling in last-minute, you always come through for us. Nate, don't be too hard on yourself, that was a bad call at the end of the 4th and Jeff would've scored. Good job guys and we'll get the Raiders next week!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through the Pagan Knitters webring. I gotta say I love the gloves (do you have a pattern online) AND the fact that you're a Steelers fan! I'm a huge fan myself, but I don't live in PA. Blessings, ~*~