Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Look what followed me home...

They always know I can't say no. They sit and look at me, all sad and fluffy and bam, they are here living with me. Eating me out of house and home, they are!

That's 6 skeins of Habu linen, 2 skeins of 3 colors. The colors aren't named but numbered so I will now name them myself because I find numbers irritating: meet sand dollar, twig and celery. Maybe a pillow or curtain with these, not quite sure yet. $8.75 a skein but 30% off as they were in the orphan bin. They feel a bit like paper to me.

Behind them is some Tatamy Tweed, a cotton/acrylic blend that looks to me like wool but without all the suffering and pain for sheep involved. Three skeins in Navy colorway at $5.45 a pop. Hoping to have enough for a beret and some mitts to match a certain peacoat. Soft and machine washable-yippee!

So they will join the minions upstairs and patiently wait to be fashioned into something fabulous. It's all they aspire to be: something other than what they are.

If you are here in the burgh, check out knitone, the fine supplier of the aforementioned fibers. If you aren't here in the burgh, either come on out for a visit or find yourself a local yarn shop to hang out in where you are.