Tuesday, October 10, 2006


So I am just recovering from the Steelers vs. Chargers game. What a sad evening Sunday turned out to be after all. Ben, if you're out there, I'm sorry. You too Troy, Alan, Joey, Hines and Casey. We'll get em' this week!

I am also sick to death of hearing about Ms. Sienna Miller and her burgh-bashing, she truly is not a very polite guest. I bet she hates it even more at this time, with the whole city ready to scream at her. Maybe she can get a flight back to London soon. Oh, and thanks for all the skinny jeans and leggings this fall, too. Thanks for all of it.

So I went back to the Hive for knitting on Monday. After planting 50 bulbs and raking leaves all day Sunday and then watching the Steelers lose, I needed a day off. And Columbus was right there to help me out! I spent the morning doing laundry, then caught a lil' Knitty Gritty and Uncommon Threads, then went to the Gap with my gift card in tow. I bought a brown t-shirt for the CRAFT CHALLENGE my sister has posed. I will unfold that little gem later in the week--cause I need to keep you coming back, that's why!

Anywho, after my lovely day off, my guy came home from work, we caught up a little (not much had transpired since Sunday) and then I left to get to the Bead Mine and knit with old pals. The Bead Mine was closed so I ended up arriving a little early at the Hive but no worries, some of the group were already there. The flamingo still was wearing his scarf although it was bit on the warm side. Two of the original members did not come by though, missed them. I did not get too much accomplished on my "chair pad" and frogged it this evening. It was a tad bit tiny. So sadly no pics again. I need to get some inspiration here. I get paid this week, maybe a new skein or two will do the trick.

In other random, unrelated news, my guy's parents are coming to town this weekend and I am afraid. Why? His dad is a retired fire inspector for the city of NY. AND we bought our house about two months ago now and STILL don't have a smoke detector or fire extinguisher in sight. AND I'm sure he will notice and drag us by the ears to Home Depot and make a huge deal of installing them ASAP. AND I still do not have any spare keys for my car and he always yells that I will lock them in there, even though I have not yet in the history of me ever done this. I know, but we SHOULD have these things to increase our safety, blah blah blah. It's just sometimes you need to do things when you think you can tackle them and not when someone makes you do them. And it may take years until you are ready to do it but it just fits better on YOU time then on THEM time. But it's hard to explain this to my guy's father, it just won't be enough in his eyes and then you just look idiotic and impractical. Maybe I can distract him with Tour of Pittsburgh Part Deux this weekend, you know, get him so tired he won't even notice. Him and Sienna both. I'll send my invite over to the Omni tomorrow...goodnight, all you crafty Pittsburghers!


Zeeppo said...

Don't you worry carnivores are easily distracted.

Patricia said...

That they are. That they are...wait, how did you know they are carnies?!?