Friday, October 22, 2010


Wanted to let you know about a free deal at Walgreens. Good until 10/24, you can get an 8x10 photo collage free!

How you ask? Enter the coupon code 8x10TREAT and make sure to select you will pick up the collage at a store (you can pick from locations)--otherwise you'll get stuck with shipping.

So far, I've gotten two free collages and a free photo magnet and we love them all! It's really easy, you upload photos from your computer and select from the options. They usually do this around holidays or change in seasons (summer, Mother's and Father's Day, Halloween). I can usually order them in the morning and they are ready in the afternoon, very fast!

CLICK HERE for more details and the link (thanks, Be Centsable!).

While you are in there, check out these other things you can score for free (provided you have the coupons).

Speaking of deals, I scored this cute little dress for $9.95 at last night!
I can't wait for it to get here so I can try it on. I think the bodice, being shirred, will work during pregnancy and nursing, then afterward when things, um, shrink back to normal size again. I'm tempted to try dyeing it so I can wear it spring, summer and fall. Any ideas on colors, methods, dyes to use? It is 100% cotton.


Crafter, Baker, Mother said...

Hi Patricia

Thank you for your post on my blog. I have been a busy bee knitting all month and have sadly neglected my blog. I am hoping to get some pictures up of my projects some time soon.
But I haven't been knitting anything nearly as detailed as you. Great job on the hat, booties and sweater, they look great!
I have been looking at the cheeze ball recipe for a while now, I think I might just have to try it.
It is hard living in a house with mixed eaters of people like this and that, plus trying to only eat whole foods, preservative free and healthy. Life is an adventure that is for sure!

Crafter, Baker, Mother said...

I LOVE that dress!
I honestly would keep it white. I am never one to follow any fashion trends, like no white after labour day and so on. You could wear it with a nice brown chunky knit sweater in the winter and an airy knit shawl in the spring/summer knitted in some bright blues and greens.
If you don't love the white, maybe just dye it in a soft ivory colour.