Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Finally, finally, I finished the Garter Stitch Kimono Sweater from Compassionate Craft Week!

I was doing well but some health issues sidelined me on the last two days of the week. Wee One and I both got some colds and there was a lot of discomfort at nighttime, meaning lots of sleep intertuptus. Once I missed the deadline I sort of got lazy about it and then just knit when I could between everything else, rather than put things on the back burner so I could knit.

All in all, it was a great experience and I will do it again next year. I hope to package up the sweater, booties and hat and mail them out to One Heart, One Mind tomorrow.

A new recipe was also tried! My Vegan Cookbook has some intriguing stuff on there but nothing made me as curious (and hungry) as the Smokey Cheddar Cheeze Ball. Made with firm tofu, cashews, almonds and spices, I was curious as to how it would compare to the memory of the dairy-heavy original. I also thought it might be the perfect fall snack in the evening with friends around the table, or even an appetizer for Thanksgiving or the holidays. So I finally whipped it up this past Sunday, during the triumphant return of Big Ben Roethlisberger to his Pittsburgh Steelers in a lovely grudge match with our neighbors, the Cleveland Browns. Ok, I mixed up everything that morning but you have to refrigerate it for at least 5 hours before it's firm enough to make it into a ball. At halftime, I managed to first run upstairs for a bathroom break, then we hit the "concession area" (aka kitchen) where I formed the cheeze ball and rolled it in the paprika and almonds. I admit, I was in a bit of a rush as to not miss any of the game so I did not have much luck getting the almonds to coat the cheeze ball as fully as you might like.

I then snapped a pic for you and posterity, and dug in. I am just going to say it: MAKE THIS. Make it now. You will not be disappointed, it is delicious! Nature Boy, a strict carnivore, tried it, then ate three more crackers spread with this stuff! Unheard of! Oh and the spread, the spread. It is so velvety and glides over your cracker, I was amazed. I did use hickory-flavored liquid smoke but that was the only substitution I made on this one. It does make a lot, which in my case was welcome, but I think the next time I make it will be when company calls. It will most likely grace whatever table I'm at for Thanksgiving.

We have been having so much fun, from RAD Days at the Pittsburgh Zoo... hitting the Punkin' Patch!
Now to get working on a Wee Halloween Costume...oh my...


affectioknit said...

The sweater is adorable! and that Cheeze ball looks amazing - I'm definitely going to try that one...