Thursday, October 07, 2010

Progress Post

Another quick update on my Compassionate Craft Week Progress...

Monday: Booties finished and sewn up, sweater cast on and started!

Tuesday: Sweater continues to before buttonholes.

Wednesday: Sweater continues to before neckline decreases.

The sweater is this pattern here that I made for Wee One, the Garter Stitch Kimono sweater. It seems to take forever because it's garter stitch and you knit it in one piece from the bottom up so you are knitting back and front pieces at once. Plus, since it wraps around the Wee you are sweatering, you are knitting much more area for the right and left fronts than a normal sweater would require. I loved the end result of the one I made Wee, but this probably isn't the best choice for a sweater I now have only two days to finish. I am hopeful though and will be faithfully working on it until Friday at 12AM (or until I collapse into bed, whichever comes first).

So tune in folks to see how this one finishes up!!!


cseneque said...

You're so dedicated, I love it!

affectioknit said...

The booties turned out perfectly! I'm sure the sweater will also! Best wishes!

VeganCraftastic said...

Those booties are too cute!