Monday, October 04, 2010

Weekend Update

So I know you are all out there wondering, how is Ms. Knitsburgh doing amidst Compassionate Craft Week? Is she triumphing over time and yarn? Is she sinking amongst a sea of unfinished chores and projects?

Here is my daily progress:

Day One (Friday): Owlie Hat knit to decrease rounds.

Day Two (Saturday): Owlie hat finished, bootie knit to double needle bind-off.

Day Three (Sunday): Baby Bootie #1 sewn together and some ends woven in; Baby Bootie #2 knit up to the decrease rounds for the sole; Owlie Hat ends woven in.

The Estate is not looking its best, but every night after Wee One goes to sleep I knit and knit and knit until I can take it no longer and go to bed. I am feeling good about what I've completed so far and am excited to start my next project later this evening, a sweater. I have to say I almost feel guilty if I have a moment to do something and I'm not knitting, so even blogging is making me feel bad right now. I took some time yesterday morning to update my Coupon Notebook and my coupon organizer and then felt guilty about that "wasted" hour or so. Making things for someone who needs them seems to really motivate you, which is fantastic.

I hope to finish a sweater and matching hat by week's end. If I finish before the 8th, I will try to make something else, maybe some more hats.

I am very sad to report we have run out of ink for the printer at the estate, which is making me lean towards a baby sweater pattern I already have on hand versus a new exciting pattern I've not yet knit. The likelihood of me securing more printer ink before this evening is not looking good, so once the "second string" pattern is selected, I'll let everyone know.

Last week before Compassionate Craft Week started I made two apple pies. I froze one before baking it so we have one ready for company; we ate the other with lots of vegan vanilla So Delicious ice cream on it, it was really yummy.

We also took in the RAD sponsored Hay Day this weekend (yes, another awesome free event) at a local park and had a blast!

Hope your weekend was fun too!


affectioknit said...

Awesome crafting for a cause! the pie looks yummy too!

cseneque said...

You're a legend! You've been so productive; that's awesome. And yay pie!