Friday, March 02, 2007

Awake but Dreaming...

Going through some E (television network) withdrawal, I posted two items on E-Bay this evening during my new-found excitement ridden free-time. Maybe it's cheating to go from one E to another, don't judge me, OK? If anyone out there has some fabulous cocktail parties coming up, please don't hesitate to check out my items for sale: Vintage Silver Dress with Coat and J.Crew Floral Dress. These were two items from my recent closet-cleaning extravaganza.

So I'm up and I can't sleep. I feel like my head is a pressure-cooker right now. I was dreaming about work and woke up in a panic and could not get back to sleep. With a lot of stuff going on at work, worrying about Kay and then arguing with my guy, I'm on stress overload. At least spring is on it's way! It rained tonight without any freezing, isn't that great?

What about the knitting? I've been gazing at 6 identical twin skeins, wondering what to work up. Could I squeeze a quickie sweater out of them? A shawl? What? I feel I am stuck in a rut in a lot of places right now. Maybe I'll start with a swatch and see what it feels like. With the full moon coming, it's the perfect time to start a new project.

Speaking of, I plan to start my tomato seedlings with this full moon. They are a heirloom variety that Bill grows and has passed them down to me. They take a little longer to bear fruit than your regular garden variety. My guy seems a little more excited about them this year. It will be our first real garden (aka garden that is not a potted patio version but is set into the actual ground) and he was outside earlier in the daylight before I got home from work, digging around in the ground a bit. Our plot will be quite small, so we will probably grow tomatoes and peppers and not much else (except hopefully a stray punkin that may grow from our Jack O'Lantern's carcass which we put on the garden). We need to re-grade our patio, put up a new retaining wall and fix the flower beds around the patio as well so I am thinking of making part of the bed an herb garden. We definitely need basil with the tomatoes--any other herbs out there you recommend for cookery and spellery?


affectioknitter said...

Hi Patricia,
Have you seen Square Foot Gardening - it used to be a program on PBS - back in the day - they have a website too - and there's an old book you can probably get at amazon.
We grow Rutgers tomatos and they're awesome - They have very thin skins and are medium sized tomatos - they're heirloom too and you can save the seeds from year to year.

Patricia said...

Thanks for the info! I will check out the website, sounds like just what we need! On the tomato front Bill (aka my dad) would have an absolute fit if we did not grow his heirloom tomato seed but I will see if I can squeeze another variety in without him knowing. His variety are called Vignoli but the closest I can track them to are Oxhearts (they both are more pink than red and have that heart shape to them). If you want any of these seeds let me know, I could mail you some.

Zeeppo said...

MMMMMM tomatoes. And I never judge people with strange computer problems. Ebay is a reputable past time compared to my blog.